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Silent biochemical pathways

Playing off the last topic I wrote about, the screening hypothesis, I thought it would be interesting to focus on one of the methods through which this principle could manifest.  To refresh everyone’s memories the screening hypothesis is a theory … Continue reading

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Explaining plant chemical diversity in evolutionary terms

Papaver somniferum capsule exuding latex.  Source of morphine, codeine and other benzylisoquinoline alkaloids. Well today’s presentation certainly went well!  Little fast compared to my rehearsals at home, but nothing unreasonable.  The comments I had after I finished were quite positive, and the best … Continue reading

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Why the career direction change?

      Up until quite recently I wasn’t sold on the idea of a post-doc.   It seemed like it was further exploitation of highly skilled, highly motivated people, and that if I searched I would find a job … Continue reading

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Time: The commodity of successful people

I wanted to use today’s post to get back to Life Science topics, however I’m in the middle of finishing up a long powerpoint presentation on silent biochemistry in plants.  I’ll post about this subject later in week after all … Continue reading

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Project and time management for PhD success

I had planned on composing something for present and future PhD students, and how they could go about successfully completing their PhDs while not falling into the typical traps.  I’ll still compose something on my particular experiences, but I came … Continue reading

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A (de)motivational letter

For today’s entry I decided to share a letter that kept me going through my PhD studies.  After reading this letter I’m sure you’ll all wonder how this inspired me to slog on.  The truth is that under all the … Continue reading

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Every scientists dream!

  Ask pretty much any graduate student if they could accomplish anything what would it be and they’ll answer ‘name something.’  When they say ‘name something’ I’m sure they don’t mean At45560, or some sterilized annotation that was predetermined by … Continue reading

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