My Goal

It has not escaped our notice that the specific pairing we have postulated immediately suggests a possibly copying mechanism for the genetic material.

No matter how cliche it may appear, this quote, which is from Watson, J.D., Crick, F.H.C., 1953, is my favorite of all life science statements.  Most people would figure I selected this quote based on the significance of the manuscript to the field of life science, but these people would be mistaken.  I love this quote because of how clearly, and concisely Watson and Crick conveyed their ideas, and the fact that they refused to inject confusing jargon that would limit the ability of non-specialists from fully appreciating the importance of their discovery.  

I plan on using this forum to post on scientific subjects I find particularly interesting with the primary goal of summarizing the subjects as clearly and concisely as I can.  Hopefully other life science enthusiasts, or others who are just curious and stumble over this blog will leave feeling they learned something new.

For anyone reading this;  Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed whatever you read, and come back soon.  You’ve found me at an interesting point in my life.  Four months from the end of my PhD and excited to move on to my Post-Doc.  

All the best!


About dylanlevac

I'm a recovering academic, who is transitioning out of research and pursuing opportunities in policy roles regulating plant biotechnology products.
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3 Responses to My Goal

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  2. syamimirizal says:

    Wishing you a smooth transition from PhD to Post-Doc!

    • dylanlevac says:

      Thanks so much. I think it will be a great experience. My future boss is great, the work is interesting, and the department environment seems very warm. Lots of positives!

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