Time: The commodity of successful people

I wanted to use today’s post to get back to Life Science topics, however I’m in the middle of finishing up a long powerpoint presentation on silent biochemistry in plants.  I’ll post about this subject later in week after all the pressure is off.

So for today’s post I thought I’d share a great speech by Jaret Grossman.  He’s an all natural bodybuilder and motivational speaker.  In this speech he explains the difference between successful people and those who never achieve success.  This is a video I found a while ago, and I watch it on occasion when I feel I just don’t have it in me to push that little extra to achieve excellence.  Skip forward to 28 seconds for the speech.


About dylanlevac

I'm a recovering academic, who is transitioning out of research and pursuing opportunities in policy roles regulating plant biotechnology products.
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One Response to Time: The commodity of successful people

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    This is a sample of one of our tracks called “Do or Die”.

    Thank you for your consideration. If you can contact me about doing a feature about it on your site, it would be much appreciated.

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