The status of Academic research this week

From my colleagues over at the Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars (CAPS).

Too Few University Jobs For America’s Young Scientists

Funding is most definitely a problem, and that problem is certainly getting worse. It’s not just the US.

The bigger problem will be when the prestigious reputation associated with pursuing a career as a scientist evaporates. Then it wont just be a funding problem – it’ll be a problem with funding AND attracting the top talent to the industry. How do we expect to perform the necessary research when the most intelligent and qualified people choose non-research career fields?

One needs only to look at the crash in Teachers College applicants to see what happens when the reality of an impossible-job-search diffuses to those entering their education streams.



About dylanlevac

I'm a recovering academic, who is transitioning out of research and pursuing opportunities in policy roles regulating plant biotechnology products.
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