I am a life science enthusiast engaged in the last year of my PhD in plant biotechnology.  While most of my energy is dedicated to researching my thesis, as all grad students should publicly claim,  I find most scientific topics incredibly interesting.  In the timeless words of Ron Swanson, “Nature is amazing!”

In a few months I will be moving on to my first Post Doctoral position at Mount Allison University where I will be researching how certain marine algae make important climate controlling compounds.  Very cool stuff at a fantastic school.  I am really excited.

My ultimate goal is to gain permanent employment communicating scientific topics to the general public.  I want them to be as excited and interested about natural events as I am, and to look for ways to use nature to better human society.  I have no doubt that this will happen if I can consistently communicate scientific topics in such clear and concise manners as Watson and Crick did in 1953.


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